Welcome cornhole family to the second and final guest blog that I will be writing as Kevin is away. I would like to once again thank Kevin for giving me the opportunity to contribute to his blog while he is away.

Hello, I’m Mike Dacey, and I’m excited to kick off this week’s blog by addressing an important topic: event registration.

It’s crucial to register for events as early as possible. Delayed enrollment not only affects your own participation but also impacts others’ chances to register. Early registration creates a buzz and excitement around the event, encouraging more people to sign up.  Conversely, low registration numbers can lead to event cancellations, depriving everyone of the opportunity to compete and enjoy the experience.  So let’s continue to prioritize event registration and event planning to keep the momentum going strong!

Here is this week’s recap of all the events that took place in the backyard.

Monday night was “SCL Ladies’s Night” at “The Backyard” and this week there were seven registered players who were able to make it out. Kim L would lead the way with a 4 & 0 record after the round robin.

Kim and Debbie worked their way through the double elimination bracket meeting in the A side semi-final to see who would get to sit in the queen seat with Kim emerging victorious in their initial match to secure the Queen Seat honors. Debbie had to have a short wait on the B side and was able to win the match against Nina L for a chance to play in the final. Despite Debbie’s valiant effort and the need to defeat Kim twice, Kim maintained the upperhand, winning the first match and ultimately clinching the night’s victory.

Kim once again held the highest PPR throwing a 5.93 to end the night.

Tuesday night was Tier 3 & 4 doubles night and Tier 5 singles.

Tier 5 was a singles event with unfortunately only three registered players as a couple of Tier 5 players decided to play Tier 4 doubles due to low numbers. Joe P went through the round robin with a 4 & 0 record and won the nights events throwing a PPR of 4.47

Tier 4 doubles had 7 teams out on this night with Ritzy & Ringo known as “RR Inc.” going undefeated through the round robin with a 4 & 0 record. In the double elimination bracket, team “Ain’t My Fault” (Jason/Mike) would sit in the King Seat after defeating the “Cornholers” (Shawn/Joey F) 22 to 13 in the A Side semi-final. This match was way closer than the score appeared as Joey F playing up a division opened the scoring with a four bagger for a 12 on 10 versus oopsidacey. Joey would throw three four baggers in this match and had a whopping 9.33 PPR to oopsidacey’s respectable 8.5 PPR but Jason who threw an 8.83 on the other side of the boards was able to help seal the victory.

“ChuckNFred” with GMA JO substituting for Chuck would work their way through the B-Side bracket and had to play the “Cornholers” to see who would take on “Ain’t My Fault” in the finals with the “Cornholers” prevailing 23 to 14.

With team “Ain’t My Fault” having to be double dipped by the cornholers, Joey F continued where he left off from a previous game between the two teams and opened the scoring with another four bagger. Unfortunately for the “Cornholers”, “Ain’t My Fault” would only need one game to take the victory in an 18 round match prevailing 24-13.

It was awesome to see a few of the Tier 5 players playing in Tier 4 and if you ask me I think they are more than ready to be in this division on a regular basis.

Tier 4 top three PPR’s of the night:

  • Bonnie D. 6.79
  • B-Rad 6.51
  • Ringo 6.49

Tier 3 doubles had 4 players out on this night as teams were missing players due to some away on vacation. The “Backdoor Bandits” consisting of players Jonathan & Dylan would go undefeated in the round robin.

In the double elimination bracket the “Backdoor Bandits” would defeat the “Dreamcrushers” (Caesar/Kevin) in the A- Side semi-final to reside in the King Seat. It wouldn’t be long before the rematch as the “Dreamcrushers” would eliminate the team “Our Partners Are Away On Vacay”(Chad/Damara) to advance to the final. In the final the “Backdoor Bandits” would win 22 to 2 to win the night.

Tier 3 top three PPR’s of the night:

  • Spilly 9.38
  • Jonathan 9.10
  • Kevin N. 8.55

Wednesday is the Senior’s “Funholio” and this Wednesday was Valentine’s day and there were 10 players out on Wednesday afternoon. This week it was Dean at the top as he went undefeated in the round robin at 4 & 0. The bracket had Dean & Delgado as partners for the second week in a row and they would have to beat GMA JO & Linda K to reside in the King Seat.

After losing their first game on the A-Side Chuck & Dianne who were partners last week, would go through the entire B-Side to play in the final against Dean & Delgado. Chuck & Dianne would have to double dip Dean & Delgado and they won the first match 21 to 12 but couldn’t hang on to win game two. Dean & Delgado would win for the second week in a row as partners.

Thursday was the first ever school championships with two divisions. Grades 5 to 8 and grades 9 to 12.

Grades 5 to 8 had players signed up with The Kid (Lucas) going undefeated in the round robin and in the double elimination bracket. Lucas would go on to defeat Thea B and win the first ever school championship for grades 5 to 8.

Grades 9 to 12 also had players with Presley going undefeated through the round robin and in the double elimination bracket. Presley defeated Jordan Z to win the first ever school championship for grades 9 to 12.

Friday Night was our weekly “Funholio” which had 55 players registered and 52 sticking around to play in the bracket. We had three players undefeated after the round robin, Bonnie, Parker & Kevin N. After the bracket was generated only one team could win the night and we saw Kevin N & Josh M winning their way to the “King Seat”. While they waited to see who they would play in the final Jonathan & Nico J were making their way through the bracket coming up from a very long ride on the B side. In the end Jonathon & Nico would double dip Kevin & Josh to win the night’s main event and they had to win nine games in a row to do so.

The evening was a lot of fun as always and a good time was had by all who attended.

Backyard Cup – Saturday, February 17

This is a new event similar to golf’s Ryder Cup format and involves various match play competitions between players selected from two teams of 14.

Kevin was the captain of Team “Throwaholics” & Caesar was the captain of Team “Throwbocops” and the players were drafted live on Facebook the Monday before the event was held.

Drafting began with the captains of each team rolling two dice. One die had each captain’s name on three sides while the other had each Tier on a side. Captains rolled the dice to see who picked first each round and from what Tier and they kept rolling the dice until all names were picked.

The event took place on Saturday and involved various match play games such as singles and doubles.

Event 1 – Mixed Tier Doubles

In this event each team had two players from a different tier matched as partners against the other team.

Event 1 Results:

Throwbocops 14

Throwaholics 11


Event 2 – Walking Doubles

This event featured partners from each team alternating bags on each end of the board similar to singles. One player from a team would throw bags 1 & 3 and the other would throw bags 2 & 4 versus the same from the other team.

Event 2 Results:

Throwbocops 7

Throwaholics 14

Event 3 – Singles

This event needs no explanation.

Event 3 Results

Throwbocops 9

Throwaholics 10

Event 4 – Same Tier Doubles

No explanation required.

Event 4 Results:

Throwbocops 7

Throwaholics 9

Final Points:

Throwbocops 37

Throwaholics 44

The first ever Backyard Trophy goes to Team Throwaholics.

This event was a lot of fun and the event ran on time. As no PPR was tracked due the type of event it was, it would be too hard to describe matchups between players as there was a lot of movement from the players on courts. I think it was a lot of fun for players who don’t get to normally play with or against each other on a regular basis to be matched up.

Western Pizza CCL Regional February 18

Tier 4 Singles – There were 15 registered players playing in the singles event with a few players from Tier 5 playing in this division. After round robin play was completed, Gar & Stewie each went undefeated with 3 & 0 records.

In the double elimination bracket, oopsidacey & Shawn would both work their way along the A-Side eventually setting up a match between the two of them to see who would get to be in the King Seat. Shawn was up 17 to 8 at one point in the game but Mike with 13 unanswered points would win the match 21 to 17 and earn the right to sit in the King Seat.

The B-Side would see Kim L who was playing up a tier win in what I would call three straight upsets as she took down Jennifer, Stewie & Ritzy eventually ending her day by losing to Gar who was rolling through the B-Side and getting better and more confident as he did so.

Gar would meet Shawn in the B-Side semi-final to see who would play oopsidacey who was sitting in the King Seat. He would avenge his A-Side loss to Shawn who sent him to the B bracket by winning 22 to 0 and advancing to the final.

Gar picked up where he left off with Shawn and having to double dip oopsidacey stormed out to a 19 to 0 lead before I could manage two points to make the score 19 to 2. The game would end 22 to 2 and set up the second and final game.

Gar opened the game with a 12 on 10 and would go on to throw three four baggers in the final and finish the game with a 9.09 PPR to oopsidacey’s 6.82. Even though I would play much better this game the final score was 25 to 0 as Gar ended the game with another 4 bagger.

Gar double dipped oopsidacey to win this month’s singles Regional by throwing over 9 PPR in both games. Congratulations Gar, your late night practices after work are definitely showing your hard work is paying off.

I would also like to give a special shout-out to Sean S of Saskatoon who was able to attend this event. It was nice that you were able to attend and hopefully you and some others will be able to be back for future events.

Tier 4 top three Singles PPR’s of the night:

  • Gar H. 7.03
  • oopsidacey 6.75
  • Ringo 6.70


Tier 4 Doubles – There were 7 teams registered and like singles play this event also had some players from tier 5 playing in it. Team “Ain’t My Fault” was the only undefeated team after the round robin concluded with a 3 & 0 record.

In the double elimination bracket Devin & Jeff K of team “We drink and we know things” would advance to the A-Side semi-final and play Jennifer & Amber as team “Mum & MiniMum” for the King/Queen Seat. “We drink and we know things” would go on to win this match 23 to 9 and sit in the King Seat and wait to see who they would play in the final.

On the B-Side Shawn/Joe who were sent to the lower bracket by “Mum & MiniMum” would win their way to the B-Side semi-final and get a chance to avenge their earlier loss to “Mum & MiniMum”. Shawn/Joe were victorious going on to win 22 to 3 and play in the final.

In the final Shawn/Joe would take game one 25 to 12 with Joe leading the way with a PPR of 8.13. “We drink and we know things” was not going to be double dipped on this day and won game two by a score of 22 to 3 to win the Tier 4 Doubles Regional. Jeff K led the way in this game throwing an 8.33 PPR.

Congratulations Devin & Jeff on winning your first regional together. You two played very well together.

Tier 4 top three PPR’s of the night:

  • Jeff K. 7.10
  • Jennifer 6.70
  • Kim L. 6.61


Regional Summary

I think it’s worth mentioning that the PPR’s that many players were throwing through both events were really good today with most players throwing 6 or better. This shows that our players are getting better and throwing more consistently. Also, this is a testament to the organizers who put on so many events so that the players are able to play as much as they do so that they can improve their game.

What I would say to our players that have been playing in tier 5 events is that you were not out of place in this division and that playing in these events elevated your game and will only make you better if you decide to keep playing in this tier.

Lastly a huge thank you to Jason & Ritzy who helped run the days events, as without the two of you we may not have had a chance to compete in this months regional.


TIER 5 (Name Coming Very Soon)

There will be no Tier 5 power rankings but as mentioned last week, there are a few who I think should consider moving up so that they can take their game to the next level.


As I stated last week my rankings are based a lot on who has played most recently and how active they have been in events.

  1. Bonnie D. – Stays in the top spot this week even though she was unable to play in this week’s regional.
  2. oopsidacey (Mike) – Fresh off a second place finish in this week’s singles regional will stay in this spot.
  3. Brad S. – It would be nice to see Brad come out to a regional but at last week’s Doubles night, Brad had the second highest PPR of the night and will stay in this position.
  4. Shawn C. – Placing third in singles and second in doubles at this month’s regional puts Shawn in third. He is also showing consistency in his game when you look back at his stats.
  5. Jennifer/Ringo/Ritzy – I am going to cop out and place all three in the fifth spot as I honestly could not pick one person to solely give this position to. All three had very good games this week and threw great PPR’s at times. Each one of them could be in any of the top 5 ranking positions at any time.

Note: There will be some players who might ask how did I not get ranked? I would say it comes down to the number of games played in a particular period of time and that with so little games played by some it is hard to track consistency over time to see where you truly stand.


Again, I find this division very difficult to rank as I do not play in it and will be glad when Kevin is back so that he can better rank it.

  1. Jonathan – Another Friday night switcholio win and teamed up with Spilly to win this past week’s doubles keeps Jonathan in the first spot.
  2. Spilly (Dylan) – Throwing an impressive and the week’s highest PPR of 9.38 at this week’s doubles night moves Spilly up one position.
  3. Kevin N. – Also throwing an incredible 8.55 PPR in doubles has Kevin in third spot.
  4. Caesar – Throwing 7.85 PPR on the week and Caesar & Kevin placed second this week in doubles.
  5. Franco – Has been throwing consistently a very high PPR and this weeks doubles was no different with Franco having the fourth highest of the week at 8.45.
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