Last week, I wrote about a Switcholio system where we ran two brackets depending on where you finished in the standings. This week I will talk about changing how the round-robin is played. At the night’s start, organizers would separate players into two pools. One pool would be players with experience throwing and throwing a more consistent bag. The other pool would be players new to the game and have had few opportunities to come out and play. We then would play a Switcholio. So, the computer would pair up a player from each pool for the six-game round-robin. It would be the same as a normal Switch, where you would play with a new player every game, but it would always be with someone from the other pool. The benefit would be that two experienced players would never be playing against two newbies, as it sometimes happens in our current format.

On each team, there would be one newbie paired with one experienced player, so the newbies play against each other and the experienced players play against each other. Everyone always plays against someone close to their skill level which should make for more enjoyable matches. After the round-robin, the bracket pairings would be one pool with the other pool according to how you finished in the standings. The potential downfall is if there are too many newbies and not enough experienced players, someone has to decide who is in each pool. There is potential for someone who has played the game a fair bit but is not throwing at a high level to have to play against experienced players all night because they are in the experienced pool. This format still allows newbies to be teamed with experienced players without having to throw against them. This format will only be implemented if we have a good split of newbies and experienced players.

This is a reminder that THIS Friday’s Funholio features a band, King for a Day, playing simultaneously while we play the switch. It should be a fun and exciting night. Register early because spots will fill up fast, and the price is only $25 for the switcholio and the band.

Monday—Ladies Night—Only five ladies came out to play singles. The competition was great, but Marla beat Karen to win the night.

Tuesday Night League was playing doubles, and the Hawks entries were a bit down this week with only five teams battling it out for the win. After a tough round-robin, only going 1-3, the Dreamcrushers came out firing in the bracket and found themselves in the King Seat. Krentzy and Patches, however, were on a mission to knock off the two Willey veterans after a win against D & D (Dylan and Damara). Game one was close, but went to the B-side champs, setting up a one-game take-all. Game two was not as close as Krentzy and Patches completed the double-dip to win the night.


  1. Caesar – 8.38
  2. Spilly – 8.16
  3. Newson – 7.92


In the Pigeon division, nine teams were battling it out. This is my favorite Tter to watch. Watching the Penguins (tier 5), who have decided to try their luck with the Pigeons, has made this division very exciting. Tuesday night we saw Kim, Joe, Joey, Dana, and Wendy, who all played in Tier 5 and played well in the Tier 4 division. Wendy and Dana have been playing doubles all year in Tier 4 and are always a formidable opponent. Joey and Joe have been playing in Tier 4 since Tier 5 moved to Wednesday night, but on this night, it was Kim L, playing with Top 5 ranked Ringo, seeing how she would fair among the Pigeons. Let’s say Ringo was happy to have Kim as she fired the second-best PPR on the night at 7.13 to help them to the undefeated bracket and the Tuesday night win.


  1. B-RAD – 7.9
  2. Kim – 7.13
  3. Shadez – 7.07

Wednesday night, the Penguins played in a very loud venue. The Backyard was hosting a U13 Hockey wind-up, so there was a little extra noise. Stettner, Bill, and Marla all went undefeated in the round-robin. With the great round-robin, Marla moved into first place in the season standings ahead of Kim and Pink Genie. The bracket was a bit different; after Kim went 2-2 and gave up the lead in the season standings, she was on a mission to get her Cornhole Canada points. Marla was the B-side winner and would have to beat Kim twice if she wanted to prevent Kim from winning another week. Marla has found her game lately and is in the mix in every event she plays. It was a close game, but one game was all Kim needed to take the win.


  1. Kim – 6.34
  2. Brian – 5.85
  3. Marla – 5.61

Thursday night, the Backyard at the SCA saw another first, hosting the Mixed Regional event. It was not the first time the Backyard hosted mixed, but the first time we added a Social division to the event. It allowed people to come and try the game without having to play in a high-pressure, intense game. This low-key, fun event was a smashing success, as 15 players who had never played in a Regional event came out and played.

This is an event we can only grow on, and it shows that it pays to give the Board feedback about events they like to see in the Backyard. Hopefully, we can continue to grow this event because it gives the game a different look. Players enjoy playing with their partners in a low-key, fun environment, which is different from playing a Switcholio.

The winners of the two events were Humble B’s (Presley, Glen) and Double Trouble (Lucas and Lynette).

Friday—Switcholio saw 74 players come out for a great night. Dagan was sitting in the King Seat as the Ghost when Franco and Michelle made their way through the B-side and were ready to double-dip the King. The first game was really close, but it went to the B-side winners. In game 2, Michelle the Robot and SureFire completed the win to take the night.

POWER RANKING – I left out the descriptions this week because there was nothing huge that happened, and I am hoping this week’s singles will have more to write about.

TIER 3 Power Ranking.

1ST – Jonathan–

2nd – Newson –

3rd – Spilly –


5TH – Glen –


TIER 4 Power Ranking.


2nd – Bonnie Day –


4TH— Shawn –.


My name is Kevin Bittman and I am on the Board at the SCA and a member of the Backyard Pigeon Coop. I have been playing cornhole for a couple of years, and I would say I am not great, but I try and get better every week. Cornhole, for me, is a fantastic community of people that, no matter your skill level, you can come out and have fun at the Backyard at the SCA. The blog is my opinion and how I see things in Regina’s cornhole scene. It is meant to be a way to keep people engaged in what is going on at the Backyard and the SCA. My hope is we can continue growing the game in Regina and Saskatchewan. The Backyard at the SCA is located at 2363 2nd Avenue in Regina. The venue has eight regulation cornhole lanes and a bar and kitchen. Each week, the Backyard hosts events for all skill levels, and I will attempt to highlight some of these events and give my perspective on the club and the players in Saskatchewan
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