The BackYard had a first again this week as 12 Seniors came out Wednesday afternoon to toss some bags. They had a great time, and we will do it again next week. Wednesday was not finished because we hosted a team-building event for the Exec of Grain Services Union (GSU) on Wednesday night. Watching groups come in for Team Building is always fun because Cornhole is a great way to have a good time, play with and against different people and build relationships within any team.

This week at the BackYard started on Tuesday; the Ladies’ Monday Fun Night did not play because of Thanksgiving weekend. The week started Tuesday with Doubles Tier 3 and Tier 4 League play. Sarah and Bonnie took down the Tier 4 doubles title, beating Lynette and The Kid in the final. All four of these player’s games have been on a steady incline this season. The Hawks division saw the return of SureFire and Rick to beat Provincial Courier Combat, Glenny, and Dean as they came back to beat the King seat twice.

On Friday, the Funholio went to Caesar and Dean. Not too often you see a powerhouse team like that, but we did. Krentzy and Tanner tried their best, but Dean and Caesar were too much.

Saturday night was a great fundraiser for the Autism Center, organized by Franco. It was a lively event where we tossed bags to raise money for Autism. Ultimately, Glenny and the Kid took down the first-place prize money that Quad Contracting donated. Daysey and Zack had a great push but had to settle for second.

Power Ranking

There is not much play this week to move the needle on power rankings, but I made some changes.


1ST – Krentzy – Parker maintains the top spot this week.

2ND – Spilly (Dylan Grane): Dylan stays in second even though he did not play any events this week.

3RD – Newson wins the best thrower without his eyes being open but stays third in this power ranking.

4TH – Caesar stays in the fourth spot, with little to go on for play.

5TH – Dean slips into the top five this week. Dean has always been a steady player, and this week, he had a great Tuesday Doubles night and a 6-0 in Friday’s competition.

Notable Players: Happy Birthday, Damara.

Tier 4/5 power ranking,

1ST – Stich – Jason’s steady throwing still has him in the number 1 spot, but someone is nipping at his heels. I look forward to seeing what happens in this power ranking next week.

2nd – Bonnie Polsom – Bonnie continues to impress on Tuesday night, throwing the highest nightly average PPR at 7.34. Look out Stich, one more week, and you could be knocked off the top spot. She threw the second-highest PPR behind Stich, and my bet is she will get over the hump and pull out a victory soon.

3RD – Ritzy got bumped down not because of his play, because he shot a nightly average PPR of 6.2, but because of the great play from Bonnie P.

4TH – Ringo – Ringo is always a steady thrower, but he did not play this week, so he will stay where he is.

5TH – The Kid – With a Second-place finish with his mom, the Kid maintains his fifth spot in the rankings. Lucas was steady all night, throwing a PPR of 6.08.

Players to watch:
Sarah Polsom – had another excellent week with a win with Mom in Tuesday Doubles.
Furious George – Chris is on a steady incline with his game and is one to watch in future weeks.
Oopsidacey – I have played many games with Mike, and I think with his new BackYard membership, we will have to watch out for Mike.
Stay tuned every Sunday for a rundown of the week’s activities.

The coo from the pigeon coop

My name is Kevin Bittman, and I am on the Board at the SCA and a proud member of the BackYard Pigeon Coop. I have been playing Cornhole for a couple of years, and I would say I am not great, but I try and get better every week. Cornhole, for me, is a fantastic community of people that, no matter your skill level, you can come out and have fun at the BackYard at the SCA.

The blog is my opinion and how I see things in Regina’s Cornhole scene. It is meant to be a way to keep people engaged in what is going on at the Backyard and the SCA. I hope that we can continue growing the game in Regina and Saskatchewan.

The BackYard at the SCA is located at 2363 2nd Avenue in Regina. The venue has eight regulation cornhole lanes and a bar and kitchen. Each week, the BackYard hosts events for all skill levels, and I will attempt to highlight some of these events and give my perspective on the club and the players in Saskatchewan.

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